Senior Executives and Officials


Chief Executives

The Board of Directors is responsible for maintaining all corporate governance and overseeing the Company and its day-to-day operations.

This Board regulates all key financial and business transactions, to ensure these are conducted with the utmost responsibility, transparency and legitimacy, hence looking after the interests of all stakeholders.

In addition to its regulatory functions, the Board of Directors is responsible for overseeing all business performance, its strategic direction, the designation of its Chairman, developing the organizational structure and the general supervision of all operations.


  • José Maria Cabral Vega, President Emeritus Ad Vitam
  • Felipe Vicini Lluberes, President
  • Rafael A. Vélez, Vice-President
  • Tania Ramírez, Secretary
  • Amelia Vicini Lluberes, Member
  • Campos De Moya, Member
  • Federico Vollmer, Member
  • Mike Kelly, Member
  • Jesús M. García, Member
  • Eulogio Santaella, Member
  • Ricardo Alegría, Member



  • Alberto Potes, Executive Vice President
  • Benigno Trueba, Assistant Vice-President
  • Jorge Flores, IT Director
  • Josefina Dieguez, Sustainability Director
  • Gabriel Argüello, Quality Director
  • Jacqueline Vasquez, Social Programs Manager, Sugar Cane Communities Department
  • Hector Leon, Human Resources Director
  • Modesto Santana, Mill Director
  • Pedro Ortiz, Finance Director
  • Wilson Roa, Agricultural Director