Operating since 1859, CAEI is the most longstanding sugar producing company of the Dominican Republic, and second in production volume.

Our headquarters are located in San Pedro de Macorís, where we have our main production plant and administrative offices. In the Ingenio Cristóbal Colón, we process our in-house produced sugar cane, as well as the amounts purchased from external suppliers.

We stake on the future with plans destined to increase sugar production in a sustainable manner, as well as other byproducts, together with energy generation projects, and biomass, pineapples and mangoes production.

Our terrains feature a total extension of 39,384 hectares, out of which 26,707 hectares are planted with sugar cane; 12,075 hectares are dedicated to livestock farming and pastures, 330 dedicated to pineapple and 266 to mango crops. Another 261 hectares are planted with leucaena and king grass for biomass, and 6 hectares are dedicated also to a pilot cacao project, alternating with bananas.

We are devoting significant resources to maximize the sugar potential, expanding the agricultural area and renovating our fields with cane varieties of greater productivity.

Our investment plan also comprises improvements in cutting, hoisting and cane transport, as well as production processes, and capacity expansion all throughout the factory in order to manage greater availability.

CAEI grows stronger day by day, featuring a quality management system which we permanently implemented in each of our operations, as well as with skills-building programs and talent management which seek to attract, retain, motivate and promote the best human resources within the industry.