Talent Management


Talent Management


Our activities are based on our commitment towards our country, with the development of our industry, with preserving the environment, and with the men and women, whose daily efforts make our projects become a reality.


Since our foundation, CAEI has abided by a main ideology which has served as grounds for all company actions, in accordance to the code of ethics and values it abides by, hence developing a true “CAEI Culture” which defines its organizational dynamic for the consolidation of a shared business project, which is clearly expressed in its mission, vision and values.

Human Resources Guide

In CAEI, we have a standardized system for staff selection and recruitment, as well for salaries, skills-building, promotion, and effective complaints management.

We select our employees abiding by Equal Opportunity Principles, exerting zero discrimination on preferences based on sexual orientation, race, color, social origin, political opinion, trade union membership, religious beliefs, or any other cause.

We respect the lawfully established minimum wage in the applicable categories. We also perform internal equity assessments using all methods within our reach, to ensure that the salary level classification complies with the complexity of each position. We also consult market salary assessments performed by renowned companies.

The company benefits its employees, in order for them to continue their education and training in areas related to their field of work, or for their future technical, professional and human development.

We develop an annual training program according to all needs and demands from all the different company departments, in order to sponsor the development and advancement of all employees during their task performance, asides helping them develop for advancement within the company.

We also feature an effective claims management system, aiming to facilitate for all staff members to issue their claims or solve any dispute that could arise in regards to their functions, job conditions, and labor environment situation, among others.

Work with Us

The Company has labor policies which offer advancement opportunities for all our employees. We feature programs aimed at the education and training of all our collaborators in areas related to their field of expertise or their future technical, professional and human development.

You can contact us at: rrhh@caei.com