Complaints Management Procedures


Complaints Management Procedures

Human Resources

The company features an in-house complaints management system, through which it provides workers with a direct channel to filing their claims, or solving any potential dispute that could emerge with respects to their duties, labor conditions and work environment conditions, among others.

It also aims to ensure the proper corrective actions are selected and applied, and these are acceptable for solving complaints; verifying all claimants are satisfied with the outcome of the applied corrective actions, thus avoiding the need to recur to legal proceedings.

Sugar-cane Communities

All throughout the communities, CAEI has set up a HelpDesk, where claims, health-related emergencies are reported as well as relational situation reports, damages, among others….

Thanks to this system, a series of quality control monitoring processes are carried out, that allow for all the workers and their families’ needs to be dealt with on timely manner.

Also, a series of statistics are recorded by report type, their solution, and response effectiveness, to ensure assessments and continuous improvements.