Corporate Social Responsibility


Corporate Social Responsibility

Sugar-cane Communities

All throughout the communities, CAEI has set up a HelpDesk, where claims, health-related emergencies are reported as well as relational situation reports, damages, among others….

Thanks to this system, a series of quality control monitoring processes are carried out, that allow for all the workers and their families’ needs to be dealt with on timely manner.

Also, a series of statistics are recorded by report type, their solution, and response effectiveness, to ensure assessments and continuous improvements.

Health Programs

The CAEI Sugar Industry Consortium features a health program which comprises all its collaborators and their family members, through which they receive at no cost to the employee, medical assistance and services in the fields of pediatrics, cardiology, gastroenterology, ophthalmology, gynecology, urology and other specialties, as well as the prescription and medication required for treatment.

The health services offered for the consortium are provided through eight health centers, all of them strategically located, of which, three consult offices are proper and managed by Ser Salud; three consult offices from the Ministry of Public Health, and two from the Dominican Social Security Institute (IDSS).

Patients whom require hospitalization or special medical evaluations and form part of the San Pedro de Macorís jurisdiction, are referred to the UCE Medical Center, the Esperanza y Caridad Clinic (*Spanish for Hope and Charity Clinic), the Franklin Peña Clinic and to the member hospitals of the Public Health Ministry and the IDSS.

Meanwhile patients in the San Cristóbal jurisdiction are referred to the Clínica San Cristóbal and to the provincial public hospitals. When the case so requires, they are also referred to the Hospital General Plaza de la Salud and the CECANOT Center (*Spanish for Centro Cardio-Neuro-Oftalmológico y Transplante), in Santo Domingo.

The CAEI Consortium features a medical assistance network formed by four ambulance units and a double cabin pickup truck, for assisting workers and their families. Of the ambulances, three of them are at the service of the sugar cane communities and one of them in the production area of the Ingenio Cristóbal Colón. The double cabin truck is used to transport patients whom are referred to the hospitals located in the metropolitan area.

The health and medical assistance program reflects the commitment assumed by CAEI to oversee the medical wellbeing of all its collaborators and their families.

Communal Management

The sugar-cane communities’ division features a sub-division responsible for overseeing and maintaining the proper functioning of the service infrastructure for all communities, including but not limited to maintenance of all pumping stations for human consumption, sanitary facilities and scoring of all water channels.

Likewise, an impressive bateyes, through which all company-sponsored bateyes have been fully restored, including community facilities, development of sidewalks, curbs, bathrooms and outhouses.

Community Relations

The relationship between the CAEI sugar-cane communities features a relationship structure with all company-sponsored bateyes, in order to promote good communication with the residents, and support the social programs developed by the company.

Through its social promotion structures and hired labor, the company develops and implements programs focusing mainly on the following areas:

Health: All residents are trained in order to attain better sanitary conditions, by the community leaders, hence causing a positive impact in all facilities, such as restrooms and outhouses, and the level of cleanliness in the bateyes, asides a series of pest and disease control operational drives.

Education: The company sponsors all educational centers that function in their farms, by contributing with supplies, improvements in all facilities, training of all teachers and school shuttle services for the students. Significant sums have been invested in developing and operating model educational facilities specialized in rural education.

Culture and Sports

Aiming to contribute to the full development of the young population, the CAEI Sugar-cane Communities Division develops and implements soccer, choir and folk dancing programs in many of is communities.

Currently, there are three soccer fields, where over 400 boys and girls practice this sport, which is the community favorite.

Donations and Contributions

CAEI sponsors civil entity and non-profit programs throughout its entire operational scope, by allocating resources which contribute to their respective implementation. Among these feature the fire department, neighbors board, religious organizations, the Santa Catalina Labouré Home for Elders, and support to all vulnerable community groups, among others.