Rights of Workers


Rights of Workers

Declaration of Human Rights Policy

CAEI believes firmly in respecting the universal human rights.

CAEI is committed towards developing a culture of respect to the human rights of its workers and employees.

As part of this commitment, CAEI wishes for its manpower, workers, contractors and vendors to learn this policy and the rights it promotes.

Our Human Rights Policy comprises the five principles contained in the Declaration of Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, defined by the International Labour Organization (ILO) and the Constitution of the Dominican Republic:

1.  Freedom of Association

CAEI requires for all its sugar cane suppliers to acknowledge and respect the rights of workers to associate or not, organize or not and to negotiate collectively or not, in accordance to the Law. Hence, it expects that all workers association to any legally constituted guild shall be respected. No discrimination at work for guild association, or lack thereof, on behalf of a worker.



2. Prohibition of Forced Labour and Free Movement

CAEI ensures that all persons working in this Enterprise do so willingly. Reason why it forbids that within its operations there are persons working in forced manner.

It is not permitted for persons to work to pay off debts, neither physical threats, or violence to force a worker to perform his duties.



3. Zero Tolerance to Child Labor

CAEI shall not promote, nor accept, for adolescents below 18yrs to work in our activities, nor in the activities of our sugar cane vendors.

It is forbidden for minors to participate in the harvest, cultivation and transportation of sugar cane, or in any other type of labor.

CAEI will not accept for minors to participate in agricultural activities in support to their families or other persons.



4. No Discrimination

All labor conditions must be based on the ability of a worker or employee to perform the tasks they are being hired for. CAEI prohibits differences in labor conditions based on skin color, race, religious beliefs, gender, nationality or marital status, as is contemplated in the Constitution of the Dominican Republic.



5. Fair Wage
CAEI establishes a commitment towards its employees of establishing decent wages in proportion to the performed work, and competitive in comparison to the labor market.