Human talent

A committed team

Importance of human talent

Among the qualities that distinguish us as a company are our responsiveness, proactivity when taking on challenges and compliance with the five key points for business profitability: quality, sustainability, safety, hygiene, and health. To achieve this, at CAEI we promote the holistic development of our most valuable resource: our employees. That is why the effective management of human talent is our priority when recruiting, hiring, and retaining the best professionals.

This is how CAEI manages its human talent:

Competency-based approach

At the RIGHT time
In the CORRECT position
And with CLEAR objectives

CAEI employees:
• Participate in the organization’s strategy and executive decision making
• Receive periodic recognition for their performance in daily operations
• Benefit from various educational activities that enable personal and professional growth
• Receive attractive economic benefits, including incentive bonuses based on compliance with production indicators
• They have the opportunity to grow in the organization through internal recruitment
• They develop their potential and contribute with their results to a high performance organization

12 %
of female employees

Work with us

The Human Resources Department strives to ensure that employees occupy key positions according to their competencies. Likewise, we encourage female leadership, offering the same job opportunities regardless of gender. Proof of this is the entomological control laboratory, where more than 90 percent of the employees are women.

Work atmosphere

The human resources department also develops programs and executes policies that encourage good relationships among our employees, to ensure adequate individual and collective performance in a climate of respect, solidarity and harmony.

Two stories that make us proud

The stories of Jenniffer Ramírez (Field Management) and Diógenes Eusebio (Harvest Management) highlight the value CAEI places on its employees. They are proof of the importance of working with enthusiasm and, above all, of the possibility of growth that the company offers.

23 %
of employees under 30 years of age

Growth opportunities

Our areas are open spaces for talents who aspire to develop a career in sugar production. That is why the number of young people interested in joining the CAEI family is growing. The organization provides the necessary training and promotion tools to fill vacancies with internal personnel.


59 %
of employees benefiting from training programs

Continuous training

Another pillar of our human resources management is academic training. Throughout the year, the company educates, trains or qualifies its employees in order to create more job opportunities and improve their quality of life.

One of the most successful projects is “One more step”, the literacy program that allows our employees to receive classes during their working day. Thanks to this initiative, many have been able to resume their basic or high school studies with the aim of one day attending university.

In addition, during the period between harvests, that is, while the company prepares the factory for the next milling season, other training programs are implemented to strengthen individual skills. For example, the “Sugarcane Production Course”, which is given by the National Institute for Technical and Professional Training (INFOTEP for its Spanish acronym) to the planting personnel, along with personnel from the Field Management.