Comunidades Cañeras (Sugarcane Communities)

Growing with our collaborators

CAEI’s social commitment

Improving the living conditions of our employees and their families, through permanent projects that protect fundamental rights such as access to health, education, and housing, is the main mission of this CAEI division, which also seeks to raise the social development index of our employees and their families living in our sugarcane communities.

The unit manages and optimizes assistance resources, operates a platform for channeling residents’ requests, and allocates part of its resources to other areas of social action, including community relations, culture and sports. It is also responsible for the maintenance and operation of the entire service infrastructure: pumping stations, sanitation facilities, water channeling, infrastructure repairs and maintenance, among other services.

Comunidades Cañeras programs

thousand medical consultations

1. Health

All services are offered through a network of eight health centers distributed in the main communities.

Symbols Medical referrals per year
Symbols adults Vaccination program children

Medical operations


Medication distribution
Ambulance services
Follow-up of detected health conditions

school campuses

2. Education

This program groups all the educational actions developed by Comunidades Cañeras for the benefit of its agricultural collaborators, including adult literacy and the continuation of the basic cycle in the blended learning modality. It also includes the implementation of other projects aimed at schools in these locations to promote responsible and ecological citizenship among students.

Children and adolescents benefited

3. Culture

Through this program, the company raises awareness among children and adolescents about the importance of participating in cultural activities promoted by Comunidades Cañeras throughout the year.

Nuevo Cayacoa folk dance group

El Guano children’s choir

Contador children’s gagá

children and young people benefited

4. Sports

As a complement to cultural activities, there is another program aimed at promoting sports practices among all residents of the Comunidades Cañeras, especially children and adolescents. The company organizes softball, baseball, and basketball tournaments throughout the year.

Communities benefited

5. Community relations

During certain holidays or important calendar events such as Christmas, Mother’s Day, or the start of the school year, Comunidades Cañeras carries out various activities that include artistic presentations, contests, raffles, toy and school supplies giveaways, in order to strengthen community ties.

children baptized

6. Human Rights

CAEI ensures the protection of the fundamental rights of children and adolescents living and studying in its sugarcane communities. For this reason, CAEI prohibits children under 18 years of age from working in paid activities or in agricultural or industrial activities.

Nuevo Cayacoa

It is the first model community built by CAEI for its agricultural collaborators. As a housing project, it represents a paradigm of social responsibility in the sugar sector. In addition to a solid infrastructure, Nuevo Cayacoa has electricity, clean water, garbage collection, and sanitary sewage services.


A model community